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Frontend Angular Framework Developer

Angular JS developed and maintained by Google. Its open source builds by you and for you. It’s embedded into HTML with his own tag attribute which simplify the work. It’s designed to work with dynamic and static resources. AngularJS directives permit the developer to identify custom and reusable HTML-like components and attributes that explain data bindings and the behavior of components.

Some directives are ng-app, ng-bind , ng-model , ng-if, ng-animate, ng-model-options , ng-class , ng-controller , ng-repeat , ng-show & ng-hide , ng-switch , ng-view etc.

Some popular inbuilt framework are AngularUi Bootstrap, Angular Foundation, Ionic Framework, Mobile Angular UI and UI grid.

AngularJs is using to make latest web application user friendly with the help of animations, filtering, data binding, and lovely UI components.

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