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Social Bookmarking of Website

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking : In simple mean it is tagging a website and use it later. It is a good way for the people to save their favorite Web Pages online. People can easily add bookmarks to their favorite pages and can access them at any time in any computer. In this you are saving your favorite web pages on web, instead of saving them in your web browsers. Because of this reason you can easily share them with your friends online.
A user can maintain personal collection of links online. These links are private and it depend on user, whether the person can access this list or not. When we save a link than we add a tag to that link . Tag is a keyword that is use to describe the link. This user define labelling system is known as folksonomy. Folksonomy " is the process by which multiple users can add metadata (metadata means data about data, it may contains comments or tags against its quality) in the form of keywords to shared content". If you wish more information then please contact us or send us the website design quote.

Difference between bookmarking and social bookmarking

Difference between bookmarking and social bookmarking : Social Bookmarking is similar to bookmarks. The distinction here is that in Bookmarking we can add links or bookmarks to our favorite Web Pages and save them on our computers. But these links are limited to only our computers, we can't access these links on another computer .Social Bookmarking Remove this problem. When a page is bookmarked within a social bookmarking setting, the bookmarks will be viewed across the web. Its comes under the SEO technique to increase the website popularity.

Three main reasons for using social bookmarking :



1. Accessibility - the best thing about social bookmarking sites is that, they are not restricted to one computer, you can access them anywhere where you can access the internet.
2. Search Engine Optimization - social bookmarking creates powerful backlinks to your website which will help it go up in the ranking of the major search engines. Bookmarking systems clearly have an advantage for external link building as the major search engines favors sites with such links directing to them.
3. Human Interaction - The relationships and interaction between people have improved. Therefore, many companies have started to use social bookmarking service to attract more visitors and potential customers to their websites.


1. Search Engine Optimization - Because of the benefits in helping to ranking your website, a lot of people use this to create links back to their site without actually creating unique content submissions. They simply create junk and add their link and hope it helps their rankings.

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