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Internet Marketing - Pay Per Click (PPC)

Expert Web World in Panchkula near Chandigarh, India is managing lots of Google Adsense and Ads account of businesses. Nowadays article and blog websites are growing and owner wish extra income by placing ads on website pages. Big financial strong businesses using Google Ads to get customer by using PPC method. Now in modren digital world people searching all into smartphone and getting instantly information of any products.

Pay Per Click (PPC) : As the name mentioned Pay per click means pay to service provider who display the ads of advertisers. In the form of banners and text ads are displays in search engine result on the basis of keywords. If you are searching with the keyword "cloth" then only cloth ads will visible in Google Search on right side or top side. So cloth ads are visible and these are basis on bidding. A advertiser will put higher bidding becuase he wish to show his ads on top in sponsored links. So if any visitor click on these paid ads advertisers will pay for per click. Lots of websites also displaying ads from Google Adsense technique to get extra money. Most popular PPC supplier are Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing adCenter. In Google Ads you can limit the target to display the ads in selected locations in a particular time. You can easily limit the location and daily budget in Google Ads account. Google Ads is automatically place the URLs in ads so no need to optimize the ads. Just use upgraded URLs when create new ads in Ads Group account. Linking Google Analytics and Google Ads are helpful in insights to get the desired result.

Google Ads Conversion rate


google ads conversion rate
Conversion rate is the key role in adwords account. Some customer without knowledge about it run the ads put hug amount into Google ads but get nothing. Our expert PPC management team will analysis all the ads and install the conversion code into proper landing pages to track. We improve the landing pages to get good positions of ads into google organic search. Most of the landing pages are offers to attract the customers and change the navigation flow of visiting. If its improving that means your cost per click is low and you get leads. To implement it google provide seprate script code to install into pages which need to track. In Ads account check the conversion tracking records so that you aware about your ads and visitor click. All the Google ads account are managing into SEO packages which provided by expert team.

Extensions in Google Adwords


google ads extensions
We add additional technique using extensions in adwords account. By adding extensions additional sitelinks , phone numbers , reviews and location into below your ads will attract more visitors. Phone extension will help customer to call directly from smartphone and even you can count the number of calls from ads using google adwords.

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