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Free Dynamic Website Using Wordpress or Joomla

If you are thinking to create a fast dynamic website than you have chance to get it now. Just register your domain and hosting and get FREE DYNAMIC WEBSITE in 30 minute. Main feature are unlimited pages, free responsive wordpress design themes and instantly live. Even you get the free website template under admin section. You have to just activate it and it will appears into front end. No developing skill require.

Steps to get free dynamic website

Free dynamic website demo:

Click here to see the wordpress demo


  • Good design that allows easy navigation, readability and usability . One click activation of any free website template from admin section.
  • Website optimized both onsite and offsite  for SEO so people can find them online via search engines with SEF URLs.  
  • Document management feature that provides easy search ability of documents within a site.  
  • Blog that allows members and visitors to the site to read the latest information relevant to the  organization and sector that allows them to comment (moderation of the blog is recommended)  
  • Various online contact us forms with anti-spam capability that are spread through the site  
  • Social media capable allowing sharing, interaction and promotion through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other channels that are appropriate to current and future members. Also in choosing your social media channels you should be considering where are my target market sectors hanging out.  
  • News feature that provides up to date news for members in easy to read format that is timely and current  
  • Video capable either onsite or offsite (an offsite example is YouTube, where the ORGANIZATION can create their own channel and not have to pay for the consequent website traffic down loads as well as the additional benefit of improving their SEO)  
  • Use an “Open Source CMS (Content Management System) platform that removes any requirement to pay annual license fees and also lets you own your own code and have ownership of your website.  
  • Photo Gallery where photos of events, functions and campaigns can be posted for members and website visitors to view  
  • Google Analytics (this is free software by the way) loaded into the website code to measure website traffic and collect statistics to assist in continually optimizing your website  
  • Google Maps to show your locations on maps.  
  • Multi-User Access control capability that allows different users to login and post content to authorized sections within the site along with appropriate approval management  

Video - How to add Page in wordpress

Video - Creating Custom Menu (Part 1)

Video - Creating Custom Menu (Part 2)

Video - How to Use the Gutenberg Blocks WordPress Editor

Video - How to add Theme / Design in wordpress

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